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Greyhound Racing, like horse racing, was once reserved only for the gentry, but in the modern age, has become a sport enjoyed by millions around the world from all walks of life. Just as with horse racing, the excitement felt by spectators and punters alike is intense and somewhat addictive.

Best Internet Sportsbetting Australian and International Greyhound Racing

Greyhounds, being one of the fastest land mammals, are very thrilling to race. The dogs are made to chase a lure around or to the end of a track, and the first dog to cross the line wins. Just as with horse betting, greyhound racing is open for betting, and you don’t have to get down to the track to place a bet, because InternetCasino.Auz.Net has teamed up with Sportsbet.Com.Au once again to bring you top greyhound betting odds from Australia’s first licensed and number one sportsbook.

Follow the links on this page to Sportsbet.Com.Au’s Greyhound Racing page, where you can find up-to-date information on greyhound races in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in the United States. Following the links on this page – via your computer or mobile - will entitle you to an offer from Sportsbet.Com.Au for an up to $100 Match on your first bet, so why not take a bet on a greyhound race today?

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Sports Betting
- Guide

Sports Betting is getting ever more popular, yet it can still be a little confusing for some, so take a look at our sportsbetting guide below to learn sportsbetting best practices and to find definitions for some of the more popular terminology.

As with all gambling, a good tip with sportsbetting is to manage your finances. Make sure that any money you bet, you can afford to lose. Another tip is that you should do your homework.

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Sports Betting
- Terms Used

Arber: Arbitrage betting is a system where more than one bookmaker is used for taking advantage of differentials in odds for a specific market.

Commission: A small percentage of winnings taken by the bookmakers.

Closing Line: The confirmed and finalised list of odds offered by a bookmaker before the end of a given match.

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