Vegas Jackpot Keno - Game info and bonuses

Vegas Jackpot Keno Main Screen
Vegas Jackpot Keno Play Screen
Vegas Jackpot Keno Play Screen
Vegas Jackpot Keno Play Screen

Vegas Jackpot Keno Game Info

The game of casino Keno comprises of a glass bubble that holds 80 balls numbered from 1 to 80.

Similar to bingo a caller starts the play and 20 balls filter into a V shaped tube. A record of the numbers is noted and the Casino computers calculate the total wagers on the numbers drawn.

There is a Keno ticket that players select their numbers and this is achieved by marking the choices with an S.

Vegas Jackpot Keno from Rival is very similar but the players select only 10 numbers out of the 80 and there is possibilities for much bigger pay outs compared to the normal game.

Vegas Jackpot Keno Features

Vegas Jackpot Keno from Rival is a pretty straight forward casino game - select up to 10 numbers, numbers are randomly drawn and the more the numbers drawn matching those that you picked the more you win.

ANd if you can't decide on which numbers to pick, use the "quickpik" option by selecting the number of numbers you want to play, and clicking "QuickPik". Not happy with them, simply click the button again.

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Vegas Jackpot Keno Info

  • Game Type:specialty
  • Coin Range:$1 - $25
  • Maximum Coins Win:20,000
  • AutoPlay:1, 5 or 10 Play
  • QuickPik Enabled:yes
  • Payout Percentage:95.84%

Vegas Jackpot Keno -
Bonus Games & Special Features

Vegas Jackpot Keno
- Payouts

The payouts in Vegas Jackpot Keno varies according to amount of numbers matched.

When playing and matching:

  • 1 Number - 3.5 Payout
  • 2 Numbers - 15 Payout
  • 3 Numbers - 40 Payout
  • 4 Numbers - 150 Payout
  • 5 Numbers - 500 Payout
  • 6 Numbers - 2'000 Payout
  • 7 Numbers - 4'000 Payout
  • 8 Numbers - 8'000 Payout
  • 9 Numbers - 10'000 Payout
  • 10 Numbers - 20'000 Payout

The payout values change as the amount of numbers chosen increase or decrease - for example when you play 4 numbers, matching all four will net you 150 coins, matching 3 gets you 6 coins and matching two numbers 1 coin. So keep your eye on the pay table to the left when playing to see how many you have to match to win.