Guide to Sportsbetting

Sports Betting Guide

Sports Betting is getting ever more popular, yet it can still be a little confusing for some, so take a look at our sportsbetting guide below to learn sportsbetting best practices and to find definitions for some of the more popular terminology.

As with all gambling, a good tip with sportsbetting is to manage your finances. Make sure that any money you bet, you can afford to lose. Another tip is that you should do your homework. This should go without saying, but you cannot expect to win betting on a sport that you have no idea about. Follow your chosen sport closely, pay attention to the details, because, after all, that is where the devil is. Small changes to your favourite footie team, or to the weather conditions ahead of that big race can make a massive difference to the outcome and therefore to your bet.

Examine the odds carefully. It goes without saying that when betting with large amounts of money, odds that are even slightly higher will result in a considerably larger win, so make sure that you are getting the best possible odds on a bet, especially when wagering large amounts of money.

Timing is everything. It can be argued that timing is the second-most important aspect of sportsbetting, after doing your research. Betting on a favourite? Do so sooner rather than later. Betting on the underdog? Placing your bet just before the tables turn can result in some fantastic odds and therefore some fantastic winnings!

Sportsbetting Terms Used

Arber: Arbitrage betting is a system where more than one bookmaker is used for taking advantage of differentials in odds for a specific market.

Commission: A small percentage of winnings taken by the bookmakers.

Closing Line: The confirmed and finalised list of odds offered by a bookmaker before the end of a given match.

Dead Hit: When both sides finish in a draw/tie.

Dog: The Term used to describe the underdog, or party least likely to win a sporting event.

Edge: When both sides finish in a draw/tie.

Favourite: The opposite of Underdog. The party considered most likely to win a sporting event.

Jolly: A bookmakers term for the Favourite.

No Action: A wager in which money is neither lost nor won.

Odds: A way of quantifying a party’s chances of winning a sporting event. Expressed in numbers.

Punter: A player. The Gambler in the sportsbetting picture.

Stake: The amount of money wagered on a bet.

Ticket: a single sportsbetting wager.

Under Dog: The Term used to describe the party least likely to win a sporting event.

Now that you have familiarised yourself with sportsbetting, why not place a wager? Take a look at our Sportsbetting Page for a piece of the action!