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One of the oldest events to have a bet placed on it must be horse racing. The history of this noble sport speaks for itself. A pleasure once reserved only for the nobility of Europe, placing a bet on the races is now available to everyone, and a good thing too, otherwise we would be missing out on this highly thrilling and often lucrative pastime.

Best Internet Sportsbetting Australian and International Horse Racing

The sounds of the track, as the horses thunder down the home stretch, the smell of the turf, the flash of the cameras, as the horses race to a photo finish, the cheers and jeers of punters winning and of those losing. These sensory images invoke strong feelings in those familiar with taking a bet down at the track, but this excitement and entertainment is now available to you in the comfort of your own home – or on the go on your mobile – when ever you like with InternetCasino.Auz.Net and Sportsbet.Com.Au.

Simply follow the links on this page to view Sportsbet.Com.Au’s horse racing page, where you will find all the day’s races laid-out in an easy to understand fashion, whether it’s a local race you want to bet on, or international. Sportsbet.Co.Au also boasts Top-Tote Plus, an innovative feature which insures that you get the best possible payout of the three TABs or the Starting Price. So take a look at what Sportsbet.Com.Au has to offer. You might just be the next big winner!

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Sports Betting -
Guide & Terms Used

Sports Betting
- Guide

Sports Betting is getting ever more popular, yet it can still be a little confusing for some, so take a look at our sportsbetting guide below to learn sportsbetting best practices and to find definitions for some of the more popular terminology.

As with all gambling, a good tip with sportsbetting is to manage your finances. Make sure that any money you bet, you can afford to lose. Another tip is that you should do your homework.

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Sports Betting
- Terms Used

Arber: Arbitrage betting is a system where more than one bookmaker is used for taking advantage of differentials in odds for a specific market.

Commission: A small percentage of winnings taken by the bookmakers.

Closing Line: The confirmed and finalised list of odds offered by a bookmaker before the end of a given match.

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