Guide to Playing Internet Pokies

Internet Pokies Guide

While the basic operation of pokies is relatively simple to understand and play, each pokie has its own rules, bet amounts and bonuses.

Once a player places a bet, the reels are spun, and they land on the final symbols. Winning lines are paid out according to the paytable. Some pokies use a ‘wild’ symbol, which is used to complete a winning payline.

Making a decision on which pokie to play can be difficult, so do your-self a favour and take a look at our [pokie reviews] pages for detailed information on each pokie and its features, as well as tactics relating to that pokie.

Pokies can be broken down into two very broad categories as follows:

Internet Pokies Terms Used

Non-Progressive Pokies: Pokies that have a fixed jackpot that does not accumulate over time. The chances of winning the jackpot are higher than on a progressive jackpot pokie, but these types of games are becoming less popular across the industry, as the amounts won with progressive jackpot pokies are so large.

Progressive Pokies: Pokies that fall in to this category are linked together in a group. Every time a player gambles at a machine in the group, the jackpot increases and the prize accumulates. The accumulated jackpot then can be won by any player that plays any machine in the group. Progressive pokies have become massively popular in recent years.

Other Pokie Terminology Includes:

Bet Max: The player makes the decision to bet the maximum number of coins on the chosen payline.

All Lines: The player places a bet on all the paylines that are available.

Hold: Used to keep a chosen reel fixed on a desired symbol.

Bet per Line: The amount that the player wants to bet on each of the paylines.

Pokies Strategy:

Pokies are a game of chance, and therefore it is very difficult to formulate a perfect strategy for winning with video pokies. There are, however, a few steps that one can take to prolong your fun and minimise your losses.

Prolong your game: If you are looking to spend the maximum amount of time possible playing the pokies without gambling away your credits in the first few minutes, find a pokie that allows you to bet small amounts.

Play Maximum Coins: Alternatively, if it is the big jackpot you are after, you will have to wager the maximum number of coins. There is nothing more frustrating than lining up the required reels on a progressive jackpot machine and then realizing that you are not entitled to the big win because you didn't feed the pokie with the maximum coins.

There are so many pokies to choose from, each with it's own pro's and con's. For a better idea of what each pokie is capable of, why not head over to our pokies page? Or take a look at our Top Pokies list to the right.