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Football, or Soccer, is the most popular sport on Earth, both to spectate or to play. This is down to the sport’s easy to understand rules and the accessibility – 30 people can play a match with only a ball, an open space, and a couple of jumpers for goal posts, or one person with a ball and a wall to kick it against can be entertained for hours.

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The origins of football are debatable, with some citing a game played in ancient Mayan civilisations, involving a severed head, and the losers of which were offered up as human sacrifice. The modern game, first formalised in England in the 19th century, is much less bloody, although some would say it is just as deadly serious.

Famous Liverpool manager Bill Shankly is credited with saying: 'Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.' While his attitude is not shared by all, there is no denying that soccer is a very exciting game, and the European and more specifically, the English league the best in the world.

With such a popular sport, it is not surprising that there is a large range of betting options available. Head over to Sportsbet.Com.Au to place a bet on this exciting sport, in the local AFL, or International games.

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Sports Betting -
Guide & Terms Used

Sports Betting
- Guide

Sports Betting is getting ever more popular, yet it can still be a little confusing for some, so take a look at our sportsbetting guide below to learn sportsbetting best practices and to find definitions for some of the more popular terminology.

As with all gambling, a good tip with sportsbetting is to manage your finances. Make sure that any money you bet, you can afford to lose. Another tip is that you should do your homework.

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Sports Betting
- Terms Used

Arber: Arbitrage betting is a system where more than one bookmaker is used for taking advantage of differentials in odds for a specific market.

Commission: A small percentage of winnings taken by the bookmakers.

Closing Line: The confirmed and finalised list of odds offered by a bookmaker before the end of a given match.

Dead Hit: When both sides finish in a draw/tie.

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