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Here you will find the sports that are on offer on InternetCasino.Auz.Net. Sports betting is rising in popularity among Australian sport fans from all over Australia. Try your luck with a wide variety of Australian sports available for betting such as: Aussie footy, rugby, cricket and v8 supercars. We also have betting on horse and greyhound racing, as well as international football. So give the below sections a look, and take a punt!

Best Australian Internet Sportsbetting

Boasting coverage of not just all the AFL teams and games, but also the AFL NAB cup, has you well covered in terms of Aussie rules football. With full coverage of all things footy, including candidates for the Brownlow and Coleman medals, the AFL Rising Star, and trending bets on all of the above, really is the place to go for AFL footy action.

Is footy not your sport of choice? No problem. With both local Australian and international rugby, cricket, and football (soccer) you will be spoiled for choice in terms of local and international sporting events.

Is racing more your thing? You will be sorted with our selection of betting on the v8 Supercars championship, as well as coverage of Australian and international horse and greyhound racing. With up-to the minute coverage of every race, you will never miss a second of the action.

If you are unsure of how sports betting works, or of the terminology used, please refer to the bar on the right hand side, where you will find a mini internet casino guide, and terms used, as well as links to the full guides.

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Sports Betting -
Guide & Terms Used

Sports Betting
- Guide

Sports Betting is getting ever more popular, yet it can still be a little confusing for some, so take a look at our sportsbetting guide below to learn sportsbetting best practices and to find definitions for some of the more popular terminology.

As with all gambling, a good tip with sportsbetting is to manage your finances. Make sure that any money you bet, you can afford to lose. Another tip is that you should do your homework. This should go without saying, but you cannot expect to win betting on a sport that you have no idea about. Follow your chosen sport closely, pay attention to the details, because, after all, that is where the devil is. Small changes to your favourite footie team, or to the weather conditions ahead of that big race can make a massive difference to the outcome and therefore to your bet.

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Sports Betting
- Terms Used

Arber: Arbitrage betting is a system where more than one bookmaker is used for taking advantage of differentials in odds for a specific market.

Commission: A small percentage of winnings taken by the bookmakers.

Closing Line: The confirmed and finalised list of odds offered by a bookmaker before the end of a given match.

Dead Hit: When both sides finish in a draw/tie.

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